welcomeAlienta for foreign students (AFFS) consist of a group of Spanish families who offer their home as a residence for American students in their last years of high school or university students who are interested in improving their Spanish knowledge.

But AFFS not only provides a home, we also supply a program of Spanish language and culture. The families who are part of this organization are committed to provide the necessary support needed to ensure the adequate progress of the students in their Spanish level, according to the goals set for him at an academy selected for its pedagogical prestige.


Valencia is a university city located on the Mediterranean coast. It has a population of nearly 1,000,000 inhabitants. A mild climate with sunny days, the abundance of orchards and orange groves, beaches and the historic and monumental wealth of the city provide superb opportunities to enjoy. Valencia offers visitors many opportunities in the sporty and cultural aspect and in entertainment.




These ten students will be welcomed into trustworthy families that share similar lifestyles and values​​. Ade and Juan (meet them!) will lead this group of families. The overall profile of households AFFS families is characterized by:

•● Families with higher education.
•● Catholics (by all means respectful of the religious beliefs of students).

•● They value the sense of responsibility, loyalty and spirit of service.

The host families may or may not have children have similar ages of the students. According with your profile and your wishes we will try to accommodate you in an concordant family.


We want to especially highlight these features since we expect students to be responsible, commit to respect the law as if they were living in the U.S. (especially in what refers to possession and consumption of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, etc..) and be willing to live by the standards of the families.


Our aim is to provide the students an immersion in Spanish language and culture for an extended period of time welcomed by a trustworthy family. In addition to healthy food and housing situation we will facilitate daily attendance to Spanish classes and will provide the following benefits:

•● 5 weekly hours of Spanish reinforcing grammar classes and…
•● 5 weekly hours of Spanish culture: history and literature
•● Knowledge of Valencia: city and province, past and present (museums, gardens, «la albufera», castles …)
•● Trips and sport.
•● A visit to Madrid and some other outstanding tourist value cities.
•● Student participation in social activities organized by groups of teenagers their age (family friends and  family).

The student work program on a weekday will approximately consist of:



•● The AFFS families are committed to a 100% Spanish oral communication with the student.
•● Students will travel to Spain covered by life, health and accident insurance that covers 100% of the medical-care costs and hospitalization in case of any eventuality. It is understood that the host family should be exempt from any liability.


•● AFFS Basic Course  (7 weeks) – 3.600 euros (travel expenses to Valencia not included:  flight ticket, airport taxes, etc …)
•● Prices include full board, laundry and ironing service (no dry cleaning service).
•● Students are responsible for personal expenses.
•● AFFS picks up and drops off the student at the Spanish airport.
•● Cost of stay per week for any additional week : 300 €
•● AFFS allows studying of specific training programs, time and cost to students according to their needs.


•● First payment: reservation made by transfer to the account number.
•● Second payment: at the midpoint of the program.
•● Third payment: seven days before program completion.